Time ManagementTime management is, possibly, the most important study tip one can offer to struggling students. Today the demands on our time, no matter what level in school you are, is daunting. Demands, like hours of homework, seem to grow every year often presenting overwhelming discomfort. Here I am strongly suggesting that you pay attention to time management to make it work for you.

The Benefits of Time Management in Studying

Some might think that the benefits of time management are easily understood. The idea that you finish specific assignments before the deadline should be obvious. In our work, however, we find this is not so. The benefits of managing time so that one may also have a social life remain hidden from some.
Struggling students often fail to see the obvious benefits of keeping an eye time. Yet, clearly if one must study, one of many student jobs, one might want to be efficient at the task.

A Powerful Time Management Tip

A powerful time management tip is to just shut down social networking. No, not completely, that would never work. One can, and probably should, limit one's time on Facebook and Twitter and so on. The strictest of time management gurus warn that spending a half hour a day networking is quite enough. I would not go along with that strict recommendation myself. My idea is simple. In the morning, before school begins, is a perfect time to connect with friends. Again on your way home from school. These two travel times are dead times anyway so put them to good use. Then, once all your homework is complete, reward yourself with all the social networking you like.
Do this and you'll find that you'll have plenty of time to network without denying yourself time to do school work.

Time Management Tips are Everywhere

Yes, google time management and 250 million hits turn up. That is a ridiculous, unworkable number. Go to any big bookstore and you'll find whole sections of books that claim to have the total answer to the problem. Each one stresses just one thing, putting order into your life. By putting order into your life the very real claim is that time is available for everything you need and want to do. The only open question is, how can this be done?

Time Management and Your Study Routine

So far the idea of time management might seem terribly complex. Well, I want to tell you from my own experience, it is not. While it takes some getting used to, learning to put order into your day can be quite simple. What you need is a way to compartmentalize tasks, to estimate how much time it will take, and track the actual time you worked on the task. Secondarily, it helps to rank the importance of tasks so that the really important tasks get done first.
Let's say that you have a history paper due in three days but math homework due the next day. Math homework should be more important than the history paper because it is due earlier. Ranking the history paper as a lower priority is wise. 
One More thing about time management. The really grand part is that time management works for absolutely any learning style. While the organizational part might be easier for logical/mathematical types, those of us with other styles can easily figure out how to make it work our way.
Now, what if there was a piece of software that works on either a PC or a Mac that can keep track of all of this and more. Software that is flexible enough so that you write your own categories and tasks, assign the time required, and the importance of the task itself. There actually is such a piece of software THE DAILY GOAL MACHINE and it does all of this and more with a highly flexible interface. You make all the decisions. You can then get a report that shows you how well you estimate the time needed to do the work. I used to do all this with paper, pencil, and an egg timer. Now I use THE DAILY GOAL MACHINE and I love it. I think you might too.

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