THE DAILY GOAL MACHINEProcrastination is a common problem. It is so easy to put off tasks you wish you didn't want to do. For students struggling in school, often procrastination is their greatest enemy. One great study helper would be to end procrastination and get on with what you must do.

Defining Procrastination

Let's start by defining the problem. Psychological research generally agrees that procrastination is delaying important tasks in favor of self-gratification. Put into simple terms, the procrastinator avoids what s/he must do for what s/he wants to do. Some argue that there is a two-way link between procrastination and depression. Researchers found that people who suffer from depression often procrastinate as well. While this is not always true when it is the two work in tandem. As procrastination increases depression, depression fuels more procrastination. A vicious circle if there ever was one

Study Helper: Ending Procrastination

If you realize that you procrastinate, then help may be on the way. Catch the problem while still in school, not only will your grades go up; you will enjoy a work life that is free from poor reviews. Yes, unless you do something about procrastination, it will follow you forever.
What if curing procrastination may not be so difficult after all? It probably won't be easy, but I promise you that you can do it.

Study Helper: My Own Experience

How do I know this is true? I used to be a serial procrastinator. In school, I always thought that homework was beneath me. The story I told myself was I had better things to do and, besides, I understood everything that was being taught. Furthermore, I knew I was smarter than most of my peers and even some of my teachers. I worked my way out of procrastination by sheer willpower, something I do not recommend. Ever since I have searched for a product I could recommend to students who, like me, were world class procrastinators. Well, finally, after many years of searching, I found the perfect tool.

Study Helper: The Daily Goal Machine

Built on an idea called Time Boxing, The Daily Goal Machine is a tool that teaches you how to set daily goals. Along with that, it focuses you like a silent study helper to reach your immediate goals. I have personally used The Daily Goal Machine since discovering it. It is easy to use and exciting when I see the tangible results.
Using The Daily Goal Machine along with solid, learning style based study techniques works. The coolest thing about it is that you will spend less time studying and more time doing the things you want to do. Only now, you'll be getting the stuff you have to do done.

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