Roger Passman, EdDWe are Effective Study Tips, a service for students and their parents or guardians. Our goal is simple, to help all students reach their top academic performance level through learning to study smarter than they ever have before. 

We don't pretend that we have secrets to share with you, Far from it. No, what we share are time-honored methods that are geared to attach to the basic learning style of the student putting them to use. Our approach is to help determine what your learning style is and then show you how to craft that learning style to your studying. While we don't claim to show you any secret methods for getting better grades, we do claim that by helping you discover the study tools that will work for you, you cannot help but do better in school. 

The problem is that so many teachers don't teach kids how to study. They are quite good at telling them what to study and they may even share (or even impose) their favorite study method in class. What they fail to do, however, is make the connection between learning style and study practice. That is what we do best. 

We share tips on our blog page two to three times a month. With our subscribers (subscribing is free) we share new tips two to three times a week. Those tips are geared toward specific learning styles. Once we know our learning style the application of smart study skills is like a walk in the park. Not only will you be studying smarter, but it is likely you'll devote less time to studying than you currently devote and you'll be getting better grades.

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